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        Company profile


        Weihai Herbon EPT Inc. is a professional and leading manufacturer of dextran-based polysaccharide flocculant with ultra high molecular weight by using her patented technology enzymatic method.

        Herbon has more than 20 years experience in researching and manufacturing Dextran-based products and derivatives, being able to tailor-make dextran-based polysaccharide flocculants according to customers’ requirements.

        Polysaccharide flocculant is widely used in water treatment, aluminum refinery, oil field, sludge dewatering, dust suppressant etc.

        Current capacity of polysaccharide flocculant is 10,000 metric tons based on 2 production lines. Preplanned capacity is 20,000 metric tons, another 2 production lines can be ready for production within 6 months on the basis of marketing.

        ?November 2017, Herbon was listed in Chinese stock market;

        ?October 2014, Herbon built long-term cooperation with Nalco (An Ecolab Company);

        ?March 2011, Herbon was moved to Weihai with a new name “Weihai Herbon EPT Inc.”, Weihai is a scenic coastal city located in very east of Shandong Province;

        ?September 2007, Herbon established strategic cooperation with BASF;

        ?May 2014, Herbon started to research and product dextran-based polysaccharide flocculant, starting friendly cooperation with Ciba Special Chemicals;

        ?July 2011, Herbon was originally founded in Shenzhen, specially researching and producing dextran-based products and derivatives used in pharmaceutical fields, such as dextran with low and middle molecular weights, Iron Dextran, DEAE-Dextran, IMO, Dextran Sulfate etc.


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