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        Product Presentation

        Polysaccharide flocculant is a kind of dextran-based organic polymer, which is synthesized with Enzymatic Method starting with cane sugar. It’s a environment-friendly product without secondary pollution.

        Different from traditional method, Herbon uses enzyme instead of bacterial in synthesizing process and put it into large-scale production. Products have high purity, large molecular weight and narrow molecular distribution.

        Molecular weight of polysaccharide flocculant is 2 million to 10 million, dynamic viscosity at 25℃ is 1500 to 12000cps. Polysaccharide flocculant is very stable, degradable and easily soluble in water. A large number of active groups on the polysaccharide flocculant molecular chain may react with a variety of anionic and cationic monomer for modification, and also couple with metal ions to form anionic and cationic polysaccharide flocculant or complex polysaccharide flocculant products.


        1、Alumina hydrate refinery and red mud sedimentation in Bayer Process;

        2、Waste water treatment;


        4、Oil fields.

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